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Logsteo helps companies on the way to digital logistics

Logsteo is a tool that allows you to order the transport of goods, in a few simple steps, for now or long in advance. At the same time, it carefully records everything, from the time spent on the road, or drop-off, to warehouse manipulation time. It simply copes with the management of transport orders, from order to drop-off..

Easy and fast transport quoting

Logsteo serves as a platform for shippers and carriers. It brings together everything you need to efficiently get the best price quote quickly.

Efficient shipment management

Standardized information from both shippers and carriers. Information flow throughout the company, from company's management to drivers and suppliers.

Automated documentation

Logsteo records every detail about the shipment. As a result all stakeholders now what is happenening in any given moment.

Easy to navigate reporting 

Comprehensive reporting ready to use and available for each shipment, route, team or carrier.

Single source of truth

Unified view for each shipment and one source of truth between all stakeholders.

Carriers and partners network

Find new carriers, manage your partners contacts and locations all in one place.

Customer referencs

Logsteo helped us to be more efficient in internal communication. We have a clear view of each shipment and its status. We can easily get more price quotes with minimum efforts. Logsteo benefits us, our partners as well as our carriers. Implementation was quick and without any problems.

Jiří Kučera, Head of Warehouse and Shipping

Key features


Provides comprehensive view of all your shipments.

  • 100 % control over what's happening

  • View your shipments per operators, team, location or shipment stage

  • Unique view per each operator

Create and assign your shipments 

Increases your capability to create and book shipments with your carriers faster. Logsteo provides total control from start to finish.

  • 10x faster time to book a shipment

  • Approach even hundreds of carriers in one click 

  • Create carrier groups to reflect your specific needs

Shipment templates 

Create new shipment and send it to your carriers in just one click. 

  • Up to 30 % more efficient operations

  • Unlimited number of templates

  • Automated management of opening hours, contacts and other location specific requirements

Carrier's platform 

Provides an easy way to make a price quote for your carriers. 

  • Free for all your carriers 

  • Carriers can use the platform without signing in or they can use email instead 

  • All data are recorded to your account no matter what channel your carriers use

Automated documentation 

Records everything that happens with each of your shipments. 

  • 100 % information for each shipment in one place

  • Managing shipment specific documents (POD, invoice, other)

  • Automated requirements and notifications to provided necessary info – vehicle registration plates, exact times of pick up and much more

Get a next level efficiency for your road transport operations.

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