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Logsteo helps companies on the way to digital logistics

Logsteo is a tool that allows you to order the transport of goods, in a few simple steps, for now or long in advance. At the same time, it carefully records everything, from the time spent on the road, or drop-off, to warehouse manipulation time. It simply copes with the management of transport orders, from order to drop-off..


Increases your ability to order transports faster and better from your carriers. Logsteo gives you control over the transport, from order to drop-off


Automatically documents everything that happens on the road and during the manipulation


Centralises information throughout the company, from company's management to drivers and suppliers


Creates detailed and continuous reporting. Have complete data of your transports

Understands you.
It does not suggest anything that we would not try ourselves.

Set to real values ​​and standards, proven during years of experience.

Conveniently on the internet


Centralisation of information

Compatible with the software you are using

GPS Tracking

One click reporting

Benefits using Logsteo

Reveals and streamlines the real costs of transport

We know and share the best practice with you.

A digital database of carriers will give you a complete overview of the possible price and reasonable time to process your assignment. Since we are working with hundreds of resources, we can tell you the full truth and detailed information about every aspect of your order.

How it works?

Convenient reporting 

Easy communication and clear reporting

Logsteo works like a diary of all your transport activities. And when you need detailed information on efficiency, reporting and billing anything, calculating timesheets and costs, you'll find everything under one roof.

How does the reporting work?

Logsteo is integrated in no time

3 days integration

You don't have to install Logsteo, it doesn't need its own server room. Moreover it doesn't have a thousand-page manual and everyone can easily learn how to use it. In addition, we only need three days to connect Logsteo to all of your existing/current systems.

1st day

Tell us during what you need in just one meeting, where and what you are transporting, who do you want to connect to the system and who should use the system.

2nd days

We will create all the address books, templates, user accounts, and prepare carriers chosen by you for the first launch.

3rd day

We will go over the details of the set system with you and show it on your real examples. We will also hand over all the documents for operation within the system.

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