Logsteo features

Logsteo provides wide offer of features. All to serve one objective – make your freight operations faster and efficient.


Provides comprehensive view of all your shipments.

  • 100 % control over what's happening

  • View your shipments per operators, team, location or shipment stage

  • Unique view per each operator

Create and assign your shipments 

Increases your capability to create and book shipments with your carriers faster. Logsteo provides total control from start to finish.

  • 10x faster time to book a shipment

  • Approach even hundreds of carriers in one click 

  • Create carrier groups to reflect your specific needs

Shipment templates 

Create new shipment and send it to your carriers in just one click. 

  • Up to 30 % more efficient operations

  • Unlimited number of templates

  • Automated management of opening hours, contacts and other location specific requirements

Carrier's platform 

Provides an easy way to make a price quote for your carriers. 

  • Free for all your carriers 

  • Carriers can use the platform without signing in or they can use email instead 

  • All data are recorded to your account no matter what channel your carriers use

Automated documentation 

Records everything that happens with each of your shipments. 

  • 100 % information for each shipment in one place

  • Managing shipment specific documents (POD, invoice, other)

  • Automated requirements and notifications to provided necessary info – vehicle registration plates, exact times of pick up and much more

ERP integration

Easy and fast integration to your internal software provides complete automation in creating and assigning your shipments.

  • Integration to any ERP / WMS software to automate shipment management

  • Our assistance with integration process included within license fee

  • Integration allows you to send data from or into your ERP


Provides continual data dashboard. Gain from complete information about your shipments.

  • 100 % automated data dashboard about everything you need to know to be more efficient

  • Shows performance per each carrier, operator or locations

  • All your shipments data are archived and accessible anytime

Carriers management

Allows to manage your unique porfolio of carriers in one place.

  • You can  differentiate by routes, locations or vehicle type.

  • All carrier's information in their profile

  • Access to growing database of new carriers for you