Logsteo is a modern software which is based on many years of experience in day by day operation. Logsteo allows you to organize your transport. Simply, digitally and with anybody you need to work with.


Increases your ability to order transports faster and better from your carriers.

We all know that a competitive environment and the free exchange of goods and services lowers the prices and improves the quality. Logsteo operates as a platform for shippers and carriers, gathers data about routes and prices, and always competes for the best offer for you.

Online RFP

Logsteo quickly finds the best offer


Automatically documents everything that happens on the road and in the warehouse.

Logsteo is the perfect cleaner for your records and documentation. Our application automatically records everything that happens, from good pick up, traffic jams on the way to final drop-off.

All your teams and carriers have the same information
Simple reporting


Centralises information throughout the company. From the company's management to drivers and suppliers.

As for transport, one inevitably gets into chaotic moments. But thanks to Logsteo, you can handle them without stress. We centralize information from shippers and carriers, which allows you to compare the performance with different models and find common ground with carriers.

Transport under control

GPS Tracking


You have the transport under control.

Based on all the information we collect, we can create a detailed report of each route, drivers and goods. A great reporting tool will give you back the control over orders and their actual costs.

Easily accessible data
Nothing will surprise you

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