Convenient reporting

Sometimes the hardest thing is to find your way around. Logsteo gives you an easy to use tool where you can find everything easily. We know that logistics is sometimes a bit of a mess, but we are here to help. In short, Logsteo makes life easier, moreover it is convenient and online. Everyone in the company who needs information about transport can take a look into the system  and find the answer right away

Comprehensive reporting

Real costs of transport

Sometimes it is difficult to keep track of  all the emails, messages or to remember what has been agreed over the phone. Logsteo is here to let you know how much and with whom was the last transport executed and have a complete overview  of your costs.

Actual costs

Recommends only what has been tested by experience

Set to real values ​​and standards, tested by our experience.

Logsteo was created because we know it has to be created. We believe that we know what is bothering you, because it bothered us too.